The Arrow Club


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Georgia & Mark

Georgia & Mark

The Arrow Club is a celebration of difference designed by body transformation specialists, Georgia and Mark Garlick.  

Offering uniquely tailored body transformation programs, The Arrow Club is a private beautifully designed personal training studio, perfectly located in Vredehoek, City Bowl.

We believe that no two bodies are the same, and no two bodies can benefit equally from the same diet and exercise regime. We recognise that your health goals are yours alone.  We use a combination of training, nutrition, education and mentality development to pinpoint all areas of health.

After enjoying great success with elite clientele in Chelsea, London, The Arrow Club is happy to now call Cape Town home.



The Arrow Club Gym

The Arrow Club is not your typical health club, it’s a mindshift, a way to look at your health holistically, instead of focusing on one element at a time.


Protein: The most essential part of your diet.

Carbohydrates: Very important for adherence and your fuel for the day.

Fats: How much you need to consume and where to source it.

Calories: What determines weight loss and weight gain, we tell you exactly what you need to achieve your goal. 


Mobilise: Increasing your capability of movement.

Activate: Preparing your muscle groups for exercise. 

Overload: Following the principle of progressive overload, using mainly compound movements.

Condition: Techniques to promote cardio vascular health.


Accountability: Making sure all our clients achieve their goals.

Support: Guiding you through your individual journey.

Productivity: Increasing your personal output in and out of the workplace.

Development: We work with our clients on how to live a long term healthy lifestyle


Technique: How to perform each exercise correctly with optimal form.

Exercise selection: Choosing the most beneficial exercises aimed at your goals/lifestyle.

Posture: Injury prevention and better quality of life.

Food and supplement info: What to eat, how much to eat and what supplements you may need to be taking.